Peace and Justice Bookfair
  • DateF2014.11.10 Mon.`2014.12.26 Fri.
  • VenueF
  • (1)Sophia University Central Library, 1F
    (2)Sophia University Central Library, 7F, Room L713
    (3)Maruzen Sophia Shop(2Building, B1F)
  • Organizer:Institute of Global Concern (IGC), Sophia University
  • Cosponsored by Maruzen Sophia Shop, SUPASIS SOPHIA
    2014/12/18 yInternational SymposiumzBeyond Nationalism?`Peacebuilding and Religion in Asia
    2014/11/19 yEventzStudy on "Food" 3 - Global Table Workshop
    yPerformancezVioleta Luna "Parting Memories" @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
    yLecturezVioleta Luna: Viewing Latin American Society through Art\Performance in a form of theatrical play
    2014/11/11 yEventzMichinoku Rennaissance!: You and Tohoku
    2014/10/16 yInformationzBookshelves in IGC are replaced with "Sugidarake"
    yEventzMichinoku Rennaissance!: Me and Tohoku
    2014/9/5-11 yEventzThe Library of Democracy
    2014/7/31 yInformationzIGC will be closed during summer vacation(2014/8/1`2014/8/31)
    2014/7/16 ySymposiumzODA at a turning point-Concerning a review of the ODA's Charter

    ySymposiumzLet's talk with ASUWAKA(he Young Lawyers Association for The Future of Freedom) laywers about the Japanese Constitution! \We don't know much about "Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets "and "Collective Self-Defense"
    2014/6/27 yDocumentary film screeningz"The problem of sexual assault by Japanese Army "Owaranai-Sensou"
    2014/6/19 yEventzCafe Philo @ Sophia

    ySymposiumzInternational Year of Family Farming and People's Food Sovereignty-Study on the paradigm shift proposed by FAO

    yEventzThe study of history removed from Junior High School History Textbooks: We don't allow the backsliding of history. \The testimony from victims of sexual assault by Japanese Army in Shanxi Province, China


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